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About the Team

Team Green Racing was formed in January 2006 after a two year research programme into the local karting scene. We are based in Launceston, Tasmania. Team Green Racing competes in the National Over 40's class. We hope to compete in the Senior National class at the 2008 national titles.

Driver & Team Principal

Robert Green has been  passionate about cars and motor sport since he was six years old and his Mum and Dad gave him a Matchbox Lamborghini Marzal as a Christmas present. When he saw Alan Jones on the television win the World Championship in Canada in 1980  he was hooked and any chance of saving him from the clutches of the dreaded Sunday late night telecasts was lost forever.

Robert raced indoor karts for the first half of the 1990s as a member of Team LCC. His first ever open motor sport event was the first Targa Tasmania in 1992, and after running as high as tenth outright he managed to finish the event in 26th position overall. The end of indoor kart team racing meant that there was to be no more motor sport participation until Team Green Racing was formed in January 2006.

Crew Chief

Looking after the running of the team at test days and race meetings is Rod Hills. Rod's real passion lies with motor cycles, but we don't hold that against him! His motor sport highlight is riding the famous Grand Prix circuit at Philip Island. He provides the support that is vital to the smooth running of the team at the race circuit.

Technical Advisor

Geoff Warren provides the advice that helps keep the Team Green Racing kart on the straight and narrow. Geoff also races on occasion in the National Over 40's class and gives no quarter on the track, but is generous with his knowledge off the track. He was the 2006 LKC senior club champion. His ability with a spanner and a lathe is the stuff of legend.

Technology Consultant

Tony Oetterli provides expert advice when it comes to Team Green Racing's technology requirements. He is also handy with a camera, and his photographic expertise has proved invaluable in revealing some interesting cornering lines that we have consequently been able to correct.


Our weapon of choice is the Arrow AX8 28/30 which Chris Jeffrey used to win the Australian Senior National Light title in 2004.

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